Food Technology program; To be able to adapt to the developing technologies by conducting an application-oriented training in the basic principles and subjects of food, aiming to help managers in the quality control and production departments of the production unit in small, medium and large-scale enterprises processing food raw materials, to train intermediate manpower or to train specialists who can open and operate a business on their own, is a higher education associate degree program.

In order to meet the demands and developments of the sector, it is aimed to train intermediate staff who are knowledgeable in food science, skilled in manufacturing processes, can use food processing machinery and equipment, apply food regulations and regulations, and perform quality control in food laboratories.

1. With the knowledge of food science and technology, having the professional equipment required by the era and adapting to global changes in food technology, they will be able to take different positions in the private sector and / or official institutions carrying out studies in the field.

2. Students will be able to conduct studies in the production, laboratory and quality control units of the companies with the understanding of engineering problems defined in the field of food science and technology, offering a solution proposal and evaluating alternative solution methods.

3. They will be able to undertake effective and productive tasks in the fields related to their fields and their ability to make physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis required in raw materials, food products and packaging, to collect data, to evaluate and present the collected data and to make basic comments.

4. They will be able to demonstrate that they are aware of the necessity of lifelong learning by following the professional and academic developments in their field, and to take responsibility in the works and projects carried out in their fields with their ability to renew themselves continuously.

5. They will have the ability to produce solutions, take responsibility in teams or do individual work when faced with unforeseen situations in applications related to food technology.

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