In this program; different evaluation methods such as midterm, homework, practice, project, practice and final exam are applied. Assessment methods can include classic exam, multiple choice exam, performance appraisal and product appraisal. In order to graduate from the program, the weighted must be at least 2.00.

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The grade of a course is determined by evaluating the above items and is given in letters. Letter grades and coefficient of each grade are given below.

At the end of the second semester, students with a grade point average of 1.80 and above will receive 14 weeks of workplace training at work.


Success Grade


AA (Alpha)

4,0 (90-100)

BA ( Good– Alpha)

3,5 (85-89)

BB (Good)

3,0 (80-84)

CB (Middle – Good)

2,5 (75-79)

CC (Middle)

2,0 (65-74)

DC (Low - Middle)

1,5 (58-64)

DD (Low)

1,0 (50-57)

FF (Unsuccessful)

0,0 (0-49)