• Conscious about Ataturk's Principles and knowledgeable about Revolution History

• Good Turkish skills

• Use math skills in the professional field

• Has the ability to use English at intermediate level

• Recognizing the structure and organization of textile enterprises

• Use existing production programs in textile companies, make production planning and analysis

• Have the ability to control all the processes in the production line.

• Capable of determining and evaluating the quality of products with internationally accepted tests

• Know and apply sewing, embroidery and design techniques

• Can use apparel workshop machines and Textile Lab devices

• Can carry out team work • Know the written and verbal communication rules and have effective communication skills.

• Adopted the total quality philosophy and can support related institutional processes training of professional staff is targeted.

By processing all stages of production in detail, students will be able to use textile laboratory devices, sewing machines with different qualities, by gaining expertise with the studies carried out within the framework of university-industry cooperation, having knowledge of textile business structure, management, work flow, and having basic knowledge and skills. To train professional staff who have the necessary skills, know the sewing and embroidery techniques, and have design and design skills.
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