Assesment and Evaluation

Each semester students are given at least one midterm and final exam. Apart from these, three exams including quizzes, homework, projects and presentation studies are held without specifying the date. For each course they take, one of the following letter grades is appreciated as a final semester course grade as a result of their relative evaluation.

The coefficients of the letter grades and their equivalents over 100 points are shown below.

Scores Notes Coefficients

90-100 AA 4.00

85-89 B1 3.50

80-84 B2 3.25

75-79 B3 3.00

70-74 C1 2,75

65-69 C2 2.50

60-64 C3 2.00

50-59 F1 1.50

49 and below F2 0.00

The courses that a student takes 2.00 and above (C3) from one of the courses taken in a semester / year are considered successful, and (F1) and (F2) are considered unsuccessful.

Students who successfully complete all the courses of the program they are enrolled in, and whose overall academic grade average (C3) is 2.00 and above, are entitled to receive a diploma.

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