To train qualified personnel who have the ability to set up air conditioning and cooling systems in accordance with projects and standards, do / do service and maintenance works, control the cost and work flow, make business planning in their profession, grasp the responsibility of professional ethics, and follow life developments in their profession.

  • To provide a trusted, respected and preferred higher education institution nationally and internationally by increasing efficiency and efficiency in the university's activities.
  • To raise graduates who are equipped with modern academic programs, knowledge and skills related to their profession, have problem solving skills, have high self-confidence, are open to innovation, entrepreneurial, respectful to national culture and values, and responsible.
  • To increase the qualification and competence levels of the staff in academic units in order to carry out education and R&D activities at the level required by the age.
  • To improve the R&D activities needed in the fields of science, technology and art, and to increase the efficiency of service to the society with the knowledge and experience gained.
  • To increase the cooperation, joint research and development activities carried out with public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.
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