The goal of the program is to train students
to have knowledge and skills on electric circuits, analog - digital electronics, power electronics, microcomputers, mechanics, drive and automation systems, and
to use gained competencies in design, production, troubleshooting and maintenance of electronic systems in the industry.



It is objectived to have graduates who(´re);
* Conscious about Atatürk´s Principles and comprehend History of Turkish Revolution
* Good at using Turkish language skills
* Able to use mathematical skills in professional area
* Able to use intermediate level of English
* Recognize analysis and design methods of analogue and digital electronic circuits, and use electronic modules
* Maintain and repair electronic devices, and take measurements
* Use electrical & electronic circuit design-simulation software
* Capable of computer-aided drawing
* Recognize the structure of microcomputer systems and program them
* Recognize and drive the control systems and the programmable controllers
* Select the appropriate electric motors and motor drivers to drive mechanical systems.
* Recognize the hydraulic and pneumatic circuit components
* Adopt philosophy of total quality and to be able to support institutional processes
* Consider the professional ethic, health and safety precautions

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