Course Flow

Week Topics Preliminary
1 Introduction - Basic definitions and concepts (Delivery of papers)
2 Traffic flow theory
3 Traffic flow diagrams
4 Mathematical models of traffic flow diagrams
5 Road capacity and level of service
6 Level of service
7 Relationship between road geometry and capacity
8 Relationship between Vehicle and driver
9 Data collecting methods
10 Vehicle tracking models
11 Intercity roads
12 Pedestrian simulation
13 Traffic simulation application and paper presenting
14 Traffic simulation application


Lecture Notes

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan Guler's lecture notes.

Course Resources

1. Hansen, I.A and Pachl J, Railway Timetible and Traffic, EurailPress, Hamburg, 2008.
2. Daganzo, C.F, Fundamentals of Transportation and Traffic Operations, Pergamon-Elsevier, Oxford U.K., 1997
3. May, A.D., Traffic Flow Fundamentals, Printice-Hall, New York, 1990

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