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Week Topics Preliminary
1 Performance based earthquake engineering concept, Content, Importance, Historical perspective
2 Reinforced concrete behavior, Moment curvature relationships
3 Inelastic behavior of SDF systems, Nonlinear time history analysis
4 Modal analysis, Inelastic behavior of MDDF systems
5 Software related with pushover analysis
6 Applications with softwares
7 TEC 2007, Information for structural assessment, Performance requirements, General principles, Assessment of structural earthquake performance
8 TEC 2007 Section 7.4, linear procedures
9 TEC 2007 Section 7.6, Nonlinear static procedures
10 ATC 40, FEMA 356, EUROCODE 8-Part 3
11 Displacement based design: frame structures
12 Displacement based design: frame-wall structures
13 An Introduction to vulnerability analysis
14 An Introduction to vulnerability analysis


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