Course Flow

Week Topics Preliminary
1 Audit definition and parties, concepts related to audit and branches of science
2 Classification and types of audit
3 Types of auditors and the features they should bear
4 Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
5 Audit objectives
6 Audit process to undertake the work of the audit
7 Audit planning and preparation of the audit program
8 Segmenting of audit work
9 Audit risk and materiality assessment
10 Midterm exam
11 Examination of the internal control system
12 Audit evidence and sampling in audit
13 Auditing techniques and working papers
14 Completing the audit work, forming the audit opinion and preparing the audit report


Lecture Notes
Course Resources

Muhasebe Denetimi, Nejat Bozkurt, Alfa Yayınları

Denetim ve Güvence Hizmetleri, Ersin Güredin, Türkmen Kitabevi 

Muhasebe Denetimi, Seval K. Selimoğlu, Mehmet Özbirecikli vd., Gazi Kitabevi

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