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1 Why do we need talking fine? What do we need to know in order to talk fine? Studying correct and wrong examples; determining the students’ way of speaking
2 Studying the rules of phonetics for correct diction (defitions); also breathing exercises for correct diction; Practising diaphragm and cage breathing
3 Studying articulation points of vowels and consonants (exercises and practitices); the rules of vowel - consonant harmony; Examples and practices
4 Mistakes done at the time of speaking ( being unprepared, unplanned; feeling control (excitement, anxiety, fear, agitation etc); not synchronizing speed of the epeech; using wrong voice, wrong breathing, voice swallow and speech defects; Examples, soluti
5 Syllable – word – sentence exercises related to pronunciation of flat vowels (A-E-I-İ)
6 Syllable – word – sentence exercises related to pronunciation of round vowels (O-Ö-U-Ü)
7 Pronouncing the consonants; exercises on problematic consonants (s,z,r,t)
8 Pronunciation of the words which have different way of reading than in writing; Examples and exercises
9 What is stress? Definition; kinds of stress; stress on a syllable, word and sentence; Examples and exercises
10 Contraction; intonation; Examples and practices; SEMINAR
11 Preparation for effective speaking; physical conditions; scientific background and planned preparation; stress and time management; body language; personal care and elegance in order to talk fine; SEMINAR
12 Rules for public speaking and to talk into the microphone; greeting people; presenting stg/sbd; SEMINAR
13 Determining and examining the mistakes mostly made by press and publishing foundations; reading exercises of poetry, articles, columns and the news; SEMINAR
14 Presentations that reveal the students’ competencies; General review


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