Course Description

Course Code Semester Teoric Credit ECTS
Prerequisite Courses
Recommended Elective Courses
Course Language Türkçe
Level of the Course Yüksek Lisans
Course Type SECMELI
Course Coordinator Dr.Öğr.Üyesi İSA VURAL
Course Assistants
Course Category Alanına Uygun Öğretim
Course Objective
Because mass concrete is cheaper than previously, it is easier to waterproof and insulate the building at the basement and it is easier to excavate the whole “footprint” of the house, mat foundations are the most commonly used foundation type today. By using mat foundations, settlements are controlled, thus faulty/insufficient soil investigations do not present serious problems and it has been found that rafts behave more favourably in earthquakes. Although mat foundations are commonly used, there are some lack of knowledge of geotechnical design among civil engineers. In this course, it is intended to give information about geotechnical analysis and design of mat foundations and technical problems.
Course Content
Classification of Foundations, Common Types of Mat Foundations, Compensated Rafts, Bearing Capacity of Mat Foundations, Settlements of Mat Foundations, Analysis and Design Procedures of Mat Foundations, Design Methods: Approximate Methods, Conventional Rigid Methods, Numerical Analysis
Preparation to Reinforcement Requirement by using Geotechnical Parameters, Technical Problems
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Learning Outcomes of the Course Teaching Methods Measurement Methods
1 - He/She can categorize mat foundations 1 - A -
2 - He/She can calculate mat foundation bearing capacity on clay 4 - 1 - C - A -
3 - He/She can calculate mat foundation bearing capacity on sand 4 - 1 - C - A -
4 - He/She can design mat foundations on clay 4 - 1 - C - A -
5 - He/She can design mat foundations on sand 4 - 1 - C - A -
6 - He/She can calculate settlements of a mat foundation 4 - 1 - C - A -
7 - He/She can calculate reactions on a flat mat foundation by rigid method 4 - 1 - C - A -
Teaching Methods: 1:Lecture 4:Drilland Practice
Measurement Methods: A:Testing C:Homework
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