Course Description

Course Code Semester Teoric Credit ECTS
Prerequisite Courses Elementary Fluid Mechanics
Recommended Elective Courses
Course Language Türkçe
Level of the Course Doktora
Course Type SECMELI
Course Coordinator Prof.Dr. YUSUF ÇAY
Course Assistants
Course Category
Course Objective
Provide graduate students with background on the physical aspects of fluid mechanics, and use it to solve engineering problems, in which fluid flow takes place.
Course Content
Basic definitions, Kinematics of flow, Fundamental equations which govern fluid flow, Navier-Stokes equation and its analytical solutions, Non-dimensionalisation of the governing equations, Similarity solutions, Laminar boundary layer, Momentum-integral relations, Introduction to turbulent flow modeling
Learning Outcomes of the Course Teaching Methods Measurement Methods
1 - Ability to derive the fundamentals equations of mass, momentum, and energy, and understand the physical importance of each term, and energy, and understand the physical importance of each term 1 - 15 - A - C -
2 - Ability to nondimensionalise the governing equations of fluid flow, and determine the non-dimensional parameters that define the flow field 15 - 1 - C - A -
3 - Ability to make approximate analytical solutions of Navier-Stokes equation 15 - 1 - A - C -
4 - Ability to use the NS equations for solving simple real world problems 15 - 1 - C - A -
5 - Ability to derive and nondimensionalise the boundary layer equations 15 - 1 - C - A -
6 - Ability to make similarity solutions to NS equations, and distinguish laminar and turbulent boundary layer characteristics 15 - 1 - C - A -
Teaching Methods: 15:Problem Solving 1:Lecture
Measurement Methods: C:Homework A:Testing
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