Course Description

Course Code Semester Teoric Credit ECTS
PROFICIENCY YET 900 0 0 + 0 0 24
Prerequisite Courses

Completing doctorate classes succesfully.

Recommended Elective Courses


Course Language Türkçe
Level of the Course Doktora
Course Type ZORUNLU
Course Coordinator Prof.Dr. ZAFER TATLI
Course Assistants


Course Category Alanına Uygun Temel Öğretim
Course Objective

Preparing students for the proficiency exam which has verbal and written parts.

Course Content

Individual study to be succesful in proficiency exam.

Learning Outcomes of the Course Teaching Methods Measurement Methods
1 - The student is able to conduct novel research on all fundamental functions of the tourism business in accordance with scientific, institutional and social ethics and is able to report the results in a critical manner. 14 - A - B -
2 - The student gains the management and leadership skills to determine the problems with a critical point of view and to identify the objectives and strategic plans for the organization’s future progress. 14 - A - B -
3 - The student is able to analyse and use all the contemporary and advanced knowledge gained on all areas of tourism business in relation with the information from different areas. 14 - A - B -
4 - The student progresses continuously with the consicious that learning and research is a continuous process and transfers the experience both written and oral ways. 14 - A - B -
5 - The student gains theoric and practical expertise on the multi-disciplinary natüre of the tourism business management. 14 - A - B -
6 - The student approaches the problems face in the tourism business with a strategic and wide perspective and sees such problems as an opportunity for continuous development. 14 - A - B -
7 - The student shares the novel studies with a search for development and follows the contemporary progress in the area together with contacting the colleagues in the related areas. 14 - A - B -
Teaching Methods: 14:Self Study
Measurement Methods: A:Testing B:Oral Exam
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