Contribution of the Course to Program Outcomes

No Program Learning Outcomes Contribution Level
1 2 3 4 5
1 Improves the knowledge in the field of Tourism Management and related disciplines at the level of expertise X
2 Develops creative and practical solutions for current issues and problems in tourism sector X
3 Conducts a study on subjects requiring expertise in the field effectively with others and independently X
4 Has knowledge about general and field-specific research methods X
5 Plans, conducts, evaluates and presents a research related to the field using scientific research methods X
6 Has detailed information about internal and external environmental factors, service processes and operations, organizational management, policies and strategies of tourism enterprises. X
7 Performs practices within the framework of ethical principles and legal regulations related to the field of tourism management X
8 Demonstrate effective communication and presentation skills in written, oral and visual X
9 Uses computer software, information and communication technologies in the field of Tourism Management at an advanced level X
10 To be able to communicate verbally and in writing by using a foreign language at least at B2 level of European Language Portfolio X
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